Nanowrimo Ready

nanowrimo-headerThat time of the year is almost upon us.  I have National Novel Writing Month to thank for my very first completed novel.  I had co-written a novel before with a friend, but Nano helped me go it alone.

I hope to compete this year again, but I’m so wary of doing the usual, which is start and do a few days and then miss a few days and the finally just give up.  This year I intend to stay the course, and so I am trying to get as many friends on board as possible.  If you are in a community of people you can support each other through blocks and stumbles and down moods.  It also means writing parties with coffee and junk food!

I am currently trying to plot just enough that I have an idea where I am going with my novel.  I have a name: The Last Age of Sorrow, and a premise: Dystopian YA set in a world where sadness is outlawed.  I have written little bits and pieces to help with it, character diary entries as well as character profiles and a variety of mind maps exploring possibilities.  I like to have a skeleton frame to work on, but I don’t like to be too set in stone with it as that really limits your creativity and makes it harder to break away and take the story down a different path that suddenly shows itself.

To me character is everything and if I know the character well enough she will almost come to life and lead me along behind her as she makes her own choices and mistakes.  So what about everyone else?  How do you plan for Nanowrimo? Do you plan at all?


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