Phoenix Girl


Watch me burn out to ashes
Writhe in a flame
Twist in the heat
And Suffer the blame
Crawl in the dust
Lips cracked and dry
Blood boiling slowly
Steam in the sky
Skin peeling back
Bones set on fire
Punished for trying
Sick from desire
Heart pumping wildly
Clumped in my hand
Smile twisting wryly
Against all demands
Hair like medusa
Whipping my face
Tongue lashing out
Tasting disgrace
Eyes rolling upward
Reddened with pain
Praying dear god
Must I come here again

Given my all
Time to be still
Furies and harpies
Dive in for the kill
Just for that moment
I really am gone
They feast on my meat
Deaf to the song
That pulses inside me
Kindling my soul
Calling me back
Making me whole

And just like the phoenix
I rise out of death
Shedding the past
With a shuddering breath


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