Writing Magazine Rhyming Poetry Competition

quill-175980_1280I am a chronic rhymer when it comes to poetry, which often disqualifies me from competitions and magazines.  They think rhyming is too contrived or cheesy.  For me rhyming comes easily as I get caught up in a rhythm in my head.  This is often helped by listening to Ludovico Einaudi tracks.  The fact that his albums are purely instrumental means I don’t get distracted by words and can just flow along with the music.  Einaudi’s music is also hugely inspirational, with a lot of mood to it.

But I digress as usual.  I am excited to see a competition specifically for rhyming poetry, so I am definitely going to enter it.  Below is a link to the competition site so you can read the rules and give it a go as well!

Rhyming Poetry Competition


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