Narcissus Broken


The spell got tangled up
I looked at my reflection
And every thing was wrong

To start with, I was a woman
How can anyone fall in love
With the mother of all sin?

I turned and turned
But I was fat and ugly
Whatever way I looked at it

There was the lake as usual
Then the mirror and so much more
TVs, magazines, the internet too

I wasn’t sure who was me
So many places reflected someone
I thought I had to be

A cream for  wrinkles
The fear of a grey hair
Old before I’m thirty

The liposuction too
And after it all
The men said they loved curves!

I looked at myself looking
At myself and saw myself
Looking at myself through

A glass darkly, a lense,
A film screen, pornography
And the male gaze

I fell in hate
With my own reflection
And still they called me vain.


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