Internet Date


A dark little dream
Slips from my head
Crawls in the ear
Of the man in my bed

He wakes with a start
Heart pounding sore
Leaps like a frog prince
Bounds to the door

He cries out for help
And rattles the lock
No one responds
He sinks down in shock

He thinks the world’s ending
And wants to go home
I’m here to please
But his wife is his own

I’ve gone through his phone
And I know the score
They lie without flinching
They Promise me more

He thinks I’m a fool
How little he knows
He turns now to face me
His terror on show

I came back to punish
All those who stray
I’m full of nightmare
I make them pay

I call the dream home
He crawls back to me
Now he is mine
I won’t set him free

A thin streak of gray
Runs though the fair
I stroke my collection
Of flesh, bones and hair

Soon I’ll devour him
Once he is tender
Drink a blood smoothie
Made in the blender

Suck out his eyeballs
Pluck out his heart
When it’s all over
Time to restart

Put up my profile
Clean my sharp teeth
Smile like a fool
Hide what’s beneath


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