Ready Set Nano!

nanowrimo-headerI haven’t done nearly as much planning as I would like and I have a few friends coming over to celebrate Halloween tonight, so I guess I will plunge ahead on the 1st and do the best I can.

I have an outline to take me a little way in and the ghost of an ending to work towards. I think an ending is very important, even if it may change as you go, at least you aren’t wandering in complete darkness. You have a destination, however full of plot holes and missing development your first draft may be. This will mean you have the skeleton of a novel and a beginning, middle and end.

Here is a link to my Nano novel. Any fellow novelists please feel free to buddy up with me on the site. Below are my 5 tips to succeed at Nanowrimo. Please share you own tips in the comment section below. How do you manage 50000 words in 30 days?

1. Track your Progress

Invest in a small white board and markers. Rule out a 30 day planner and fill out how many words you manage everyday. If you were to nano evenly you would need to write 1666 words every day. When you manage to reach that number every day give yourself a star on your board.

2. Do Not Look Back

Imagine you are Lot’s wife and that God will turn you into stone if you look back over what you have written. Do not go back and tinker. Keep moving forward or you will doom yourself.

3. Engage with a writing community

If you have writery friends yourself get together for writing parties and Word War. Set a timer and see who can write the most words each time. Have silly prizes and treat yourselves for winning and for reaching goals. Have snacks and drinks around you and live it up. Especially on weekends when there is more time available to write.

4. Be good to yourself

Eat well and sleep well through the month. This will keep your energy high and your motivation up too. Don’t neglect your basic needs or you will burn out fast. Treat yourself too. Set goals to reach for little presents, chocolates or something nice you have wanted for a while.

5. Be a little selfish

Let friends and family know you are doing this 30 day project and that you will be AWAL. Don’t take on too many extra curricular things for the month. Precook and freeze meals so you don’t have to spend time preparing them. Use all your spare time to write. Write on notebook or tablet or smart phone on the train or bus. Every little helps towards that 50000 goal.


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