Nano Day One


So I was a little sleepy due to Halloween and not sleeping til late.  Then I got up and procrastinated in a unique to Nano way.  I ruled out the above word count board.  Woohoo.  After that I got together with some writer friends online and we did three word wars, all half an hour each.  I managed to get 2016 words in total, meaning I have managed to go just over the minimum required daily amount of 1667.

The first day is when you are full of good intentions though.  It’s when the novelty  (pun unintended) wears off that you run into problems.   How has everyone else been doing?  Feel free to link me to your blog if you are blogging about it or comment in the section below.  Also follow this link if you want to buddy up with me on the site.

I have also filled in the tasks for Day One of my Book in a Month aid.  I’m relying on it to help me write something which has at least the ghost of a plot and structure.  It worked for me the last time I used it so I have great faith that it will help me this time too.   Here is a link to this book on Amazon UK.


Keep Nanoing Folks!


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