She plays this song so well
It fits her like a glove
Stained with all the things she touched
The flesh, the dust, the mud

How soft she draws the bow
That slices like a knife
Cuts the notes into the air
To settle in the night

And as she plays this melody
The ones she loves can dream
The music comes so easily
They don’t know what it means

This was never scripted
She cannot write it down
Dissect her deepest feelings
Into lines and bars of sound

But as it fills her room
Silence floods her mind
She doesn’t hear the music
She is numb, and deaf and blind

Her heartbeat fills the nothing
She knows this has to end
the real world brings her back to life
Pretend, pretend, pretend


6 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. Very beautiful poem, I loved the composure and rhythm. Pun unintended. The ending was superb and I liked the bars and lines of sound. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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