deaths-head-487276_1280Too many times
I let myself be ruled
Despite my own intelligence
I play the card of fools
I make the choice to lie down
Close my two eyes tight
Let you pick my battles
Say when I stand and fight

I can gaze at stars
When I am fast asleep
The night sky’s in my head
And that is where I keep
The little bits of light
Burning hopes and dreams
A cosmos of desire
The universe of me

But sunlight steals inside
And I am forced to wake
What seemed so real at night
By day becomes a fake
The universe is gone
The sky is all there is
An empty space around us
Nothing more than this

Can’t tell the earth is spinning
For I am turning faster
And if this world’s a puzzle
It’s one that I can’t master
Just tell me what to do
How to be a fighter
When the dark encloses me
Show me something brighter
Help me to survive this
I’m desperate to stay
Tell me I am curable
Tell me there’s a way


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