Emotional Regulation


I think the world is broken
no matter what you say
you tell me I am broken
but I was born this way

you call my passion childish
at worse disregulated
i missed the day at school
that taught us to be sated

to never feel too much
to swallow down our tears
to calmly accept evil
to quieten our fears

i kept on charging forward
passionate and angry
i raged against injustice
i would not let them calm me

or shame me into silence
to bow down in defeat
‘sure life it isn’t fair you know
but darling c’est la vie
be grateful you were born here
and not some other place
at least you have a voice here
at least you have a face’

but i could not accept that
the guilt it wormed inside
i watched the news on tv
and couldn’t help but cry

i was told its selfish
to cry so hard for strangers
it’s someone else’s suffering
it’s someone else in danger

i couldn’t stop those feelings
so i switched off the news
learned to sew my mouth shut
to hold my point of view

when I became a victim
i was soon to bare the blame
because I cowered weakly
it would happen soon again

to another girl just like me
who would fall under his spell
because I couldn’t stand strong
she would end up in this hell

and everything is spinning
i just cant catch my breath
they tell me I’m disordered
my sense of self, a mess

sadly, I am used to this
the world cant go on trial
so i must accept it
or they’ll say I’m in denial

but its really that old cliche
the wise one is the fool
the whole worlds an asylum
where the patients make the rules

and the ones who have the coldest hearts
are the leaders and the law
and the ones who have emotions
are just fundamentally flawed


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