Growing Up in the Tower


No one knew what it was like
Lying there day in day out
Trying to shout
I’m still here, still living

Sleeping Beauty’s Coma was rather a lovely affair
Compared to this
When I stood up and moved about
Climbed down my own hair
And joined my friends
Eating candyfloss at the Mayfair
Melting my teeth out of my head
Because I feared I wasn’t going to need them much longer

Laughing, smiling
Spinning round on all the rides
Reminiscing on past delights
Life before I pricked this finger on
Adulthood, the spinning wheels of industry
The politics and the worth of workers
What are you going to do with your life?
‘Live it’ is not the answer.
What is he going to do?
‘Love me’ is not the answer
What are you?
‘Human’ is not the answer.
‘Find a good job.’
‘Find a better job.’
Respectively.  The correct answers.

I’ll get straight to it
As soon as I wake up
Babies sucking dry milk off my fingers
Prince charming pulling his trousers back up.
Me, looking round the tower
At the fleshy afterbirth on the bed
Stretchmarks like bandsidhe’s fingers on my stomach
What the hell just happened.


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