Me and My Writing Props

I love a little drama in my life.  I find that when I am noveling and I want to get in the zone, my creativity responds very well to a variety of props and things.  I use them to spur me on and remind me at all times thats no I should not be watching this video of a thuglife cat over and over while laughing maniacally, I SHOULD BE WRITING! (Seriously dat video though…)

Prop Number One: The Writing Hat

Don’t I look spiffing?  While wearing this hat I feel like I am doing something important.  I also like to think it catches ideas trying to escape out the top of my head and leave me forever.  It keeps my head warm when I can’t afford gas and has another added bonus of reminding those around me that they should let me get on with my very important work in my very important hat.

Prop Number Two: A Cool Coffee Mug

Photo on 05-11-2015 at 11.01 #2
I have a few that I like to use when writing. One of them says writer on it and the other two are Harley Quinn and Joker mugs because I like them and they make my coffee feel like a special writing potion.  If only…

Prop Number Three: The Creativity Candle
Photo on 05-11-2015 at 11.00 #3
Mine is red because that’s my favourite colour. It also reminds me that I am following my passion and my heart when I write.  Furthermore it sets a great mood and the flickering flame always reminds you that you should be writing while the creativity candle burns.This idea stems from my teenage dalliance with Paganism.  Candle magick is when you choose a colour of candle that represents something you desire (green for wealth, blue for peace, white for healing etc) and you burn it and use it as a focus point to visualise the thing you want actually being in your grasp.Yellow is the colour of communication, so if you want to give the magick a try I would go for a yellow coloured candle.Another thing I have discovered is the wonder of Woodwick. Their candles make a crackling, kindling fire sound that adds a little more atmosphere and focus to your writing space.

Prop Number four: The Magick Writery Necklace

Photo on 05-11-2015 at 10.56
This is another one stemming from my witchy days.  Buy yourself a nice necklace that you only put on when you are sitting down to write. Its like going on a date with your creativity!Just like the writing hat it provides you with a centre for focus.  Make sure it feels nice to touch, for when I hit a block or need to stop and think I rub my necklace over with my thumb and imagine that it lends me creativity and clarity.  With the added magickal factor, the more you wear this necklace while writing and plotting the more powerful a talisman it becomes.These ideas of mine may sound hokey or silly, but bear with me.  I decided long ago that magic was really a form of psychology.

These rituals and props will become associated in your mind with a time of creativity and productivity.  It’s a little like how your brain subconciously associates your bed with a time of relaxation and rest.

On top of that they are also pretty fun!  Does anyone else use props to get them in the writing zone?  Tell me below in the comments.


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