Your Teachers Taught You Lies


Children do not trust
Those who teach forgiveness
When they tell you violence is not the answer
When they fill your heart with forgiveness
When they say problems are resolved through discussion
When they tell you it doesn’t matter if Anna threw the first punch
When they flood your veins with love
And send you out believing that today’s world is Just, that Greed is for sinners, that God is Love, that world peace is what we strive for- do not listen
Do not believe

I will save you from disillusion so crushing you will feel like giving up, you will feel like somebody broke you in to pieces, you will feel alone and ill-equipped to face the true evil of this world

There is no God, at least no God that is full of only love and forgiveness
There is hatred in the human race so strong that history does not teach it a single lesson but it is doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again

We only have one world, and we are destroying it.  This is our only heaven but we have turned it in to hell

We can watch a child run screaming, her skin burned away by our evil chemicals and do nothing because she is not a child of our country

We can watch a child wash up drowned on our shores and when given the opportunity to save a thousand more, actively set them adrift in an endless ocean because they do not share our skin colour, do not believe in the exact same invisible man in the sky

When Anna punched you in the face in the playground you should have set her on fire, and not only her but her house, and her grandmother’s house, and her neighbours too for that matter, in fact you should try to destroy her entire world

for that, children, is what your leaders do
Do not attempt to take the higher ground
Do not turn the other cheek

only blood can wash out blood

Do not believe for an instant that war is bad
The rich get richer by war so invest your money in arms and weapons dealers, then spread a little fear and hatred and Nationalism, and watch your investment soar-  ensure the young men and women you sacrifice in order to kill men, women and children in faraway lands, are known not as your  victims but as patriots, this way should any pacifist dare question war they will immediately be shunned for hating those who sacrificed themselves in order to make you rich, sorry, I mean free

If anyone should dare question it further, suggest that if not for war we would all live under Nazi rule-  do not let them counter argue the fact that the Nazis did not get to power overnight and on their own- they rode to power on the backs of racism and hatred and fear…and when the Jews fled them long before the war the very same fearflooded, racist, nation-proud people didn’t want refugees in their country, close the borders they said- be prepared children for that type of criticism and be sure you respond by ignoring every fact and instead spread more lies and hatred about the refugees- it is important the majority don’t ever come to think of those refugees as human beings

I want to save you from the lies they tell at school and church
God is not Love
He is not there

In the off chance this message has come to you too late
And like me you naievely believed in a world were peace and humanity mattered most above all

Good Luck
Stay Strong
Fight the desire the kill yourself everyday


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