Elizabet in the Asylum

Lyndsay E. Gilbert


That is what they call me
Not the name that’s mine
Medamentika they say
And we all stand in line

I dont know what Im taking
Will these pills make me small?
Or will I grow too large by far
To fit in these old halls

They watch me swallow down
Dismiss me back to bed
A cage within a cage
Inside the cage that is my head

I stare at books of phrases
And try to absorb words
Like how to say I’m hurting
But this language seems absurd

I think i’ve got the hang of it
I’ll tell them I can’t sleep
But when the nurse starts yelling at me
All I do is weep

Sitting on a toilet
Pants around my feet
She’s screaming in her language
As I cower in defeat

The words i learned take flight
Im struck completely dumb
In abject fear I tremble

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