VicTORYan Utopia

History tells of treason
It speaks in quiet tones
History holds rebellion
Old as standing stones

Bloody war and murder
Lurk within our genes
Sleeper cells of rage
Lie hidden in our dreams

Law and order holds us
Its not a free for all
Those who hold the riches
Never face the fall

Rich men call the shots
The bullets strike the poor
Their blood comes gushing out
The rich men shoot some more

The poor are pawns in chess
But they only fight eachother
They storm the board for strangers
Who truly are their brothers

They fight for rotten scraps
While the wealthy sit and feast
Save their hate for immigrants
The disabled, sick and weak

They lap up lies from papers
Whose pay comes from the top
“The sum of little frauds
Oh these have got to stop”

But never mind the billions
Stolen by the rich
Money that could banish
The cuts that kill the sick

I’ve seen it happen twice
To suicidal women
They begged for help and hospital
But no care was given

Pushed out far too soon
It didn’t take too long
For both to take their own lives
Unable to go on

One girl begged to stay
She said she couldn’t cope
They had no funds to help her
So she ended on a rope

Those theiving, scheming bastards
Have blood upon their hands
Murderers are ruling us
That do not give a damn


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