Love Outside Eden

apple-570965_1920 (1)My name is Lilith

I was the first

woman of eden

born from the earth

they call me a monster

who feeds on child blood

say I was born wicked

formed out of mud

Adam was favoured

I wouldn’t give in

He wanted a meek girl

(the mother of sin)

Father was angry

told me to obey

But I chose my freedom

And I ran away

I don’t want love

that comes tied to strings

I outsmarted father

and he gave me wings

I used them to soar

the first girl to fly

Straight out of Eden

And into the sky

Angels came after

Thrilled by the chase

Hunting me down

To teach me my place

I wouldn’t go back

It was better that way

Father made Eve

On that very same day

The second attempt

Born as a gift

Fashioned from bone

and meant to submit

But who was more trouble

Lilith or Eve?

Who was the vessel

Where sin was conceived?

Out of the Garden

I watched from above

As Father now practiced

Conditional Love

Adam glanced skyward

As he walked out the gate

Regret filled his eyes

As he saw his first mate

But my heart beat faster

My eyes grew wide

I was entranced

By the girl at his side


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