The Woman They See

Iwall-289535_960_720 want to be

The woman they see

Wake in the mornings

Knowing she’s me

They say she’s brave

But she cowers below

Paints on a face

From which the rest flows

A lying façade

As she faces each class

At the start of each one

Her heart’s beating fast

And then come the lost ones

Saying she’s kind

She consoles and listens

And settles their minds

They cannot know

Thoughts clash in her head

So that she hasn’t heard

A thing they have said

The woman they see

Is only a doll

I tug all her stings

Ensure she can’t fall

A pallet of blood

To paint on that smile

As the hidden wound pulses

Warm all the while

I know that you love

That woman you see

But if the strings break

Will you love me?

Will you be brave

And do what is best?

Or shut the world down

So I stay in the nest

Building a doll

With strings that are stronger

So the woman you love

Might last a while longer

I want to be

The woman you see

Wake in the morning

Knowing she’s me

We both know she isn’t

So we have to go blind

As I move the strings

And leave help behind


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