Giving up the Fight

It’s time to give this up
Time to let it go
Admit that you are powerless
And always have been so

Learn that all this passion
comes from being ill
As bombs are dropped on children
calmly take your pills

Do not open Facebook
Until you’re half asleep
That way you won’t post the stuff
That no one wants to read

Post your brand new haircut
garner thirty likes
Ignore an uncle’s racist rant
No one wants a fight

Scroll through reams of hatred
The politics of fear
Someone slamming benefits
who reads the daily Mail

They’d rather kick the poor down
And spit upon the needy
Than point the finger upward
At the corrupt and the greedy

They chip away our health care
And fund their wealthy friends
And yet you vote them in again
Injustice never ends

It’s time to let this go
Time to turn away
Cower under a single tree
And pray the forest stays


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