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The engine’s been fired up here at Bad Apple and we are excited to be receiving an influx of submissions for our first issue, coming 1st June 2016.  Right now we encourage you to keep those stories coming and to share our call with other writers of YA that you know on all mediums!

Lots of thoughts are going round in our heads right now.  We realise that at this time the payment we can afford to give our writers is only a token payment.  We are deciding now between adding a donation page to the site or daring to do a Kickstarter.  Any opinions on this are very welcome, so comment in the box below with your ideas and expertise.  It would be amazing to be able to offer our writers a professional rate of payment!

One issue we want to stress at this early stage is that we are a Zine accepting ONLY stories that fit in the Young Adult and New Adult genres, with suitable themes and speculative fiction/horror/dark fantasy and sci-fi elements.   You can read more about young adult fiction here.  Our particular interest is in protagonists aged 16-25, which is the upper end of YA.  This is because we want dark and compelling stories that aren’t afraid to be open and honest about the issue affecting older teens, young adults and new adults trying to come into their own and find their place in the world.

Those of you who have explored our site a little will also know that we are dedicated to providing a platform for young, talented writers.  We pledge to publish one story per issue that is written by a 16-21 year old.  With YA booming in the market we think it is only fair to let young people themselves add their voices to the mix, and tell us in their own words what they experience and what they imagine deep within.

Another important part of Bad Apple Zine is that we seek to represent the under-represented and often misrepresented in speculative fiction the world over- including but not limited to LGBTQA+, women and girls, people of colour and people with disabilities both mental and physical.

At this point we may be sounded like a stuck record but we are eager that writers don’t waste their time submitting stories to us that do not fit with the spirit of Bad Apple Zine.



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