Stories, Stories, Stories


We’ve been open a week and have been receiving lots of stories.  We have also welcomed Greg Conway to the editorial team as managing editor. Will have a bio up for Greg on our about us page soon.

I would love to take this early opportunity to remind writers to check our submission guidelines here before sending your stories to us.  We have been receiving a few that do not fit with the spirit of the magazine, such as stories with explicit sexual content or stories that misrepresent already stigmatised minorities.  There have also been stories that while great, are flash fiction, which we are not currently accepting.

With all this in mind we have made a few changes to the submit page that go into a little more detail about what we like to see and what we do not want to publish.  I am also going to work on a page about upper YA band stories that will hopefully make things more clear to those who are beginning their adventures in this genre.

I will include there a sample YA story and many books and anthologies you might like to look into for your own reading pleasure.  If you are already thinking of excellent YA books and anthologies that should be on that list please drop me a line at this address and I will be sure to include them.

Finally, as you are by now getting sick of hearing, please send us more stories.


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