Fae Visions of the Mediterranean Anthology

Faevisions_front.pngSo!  I have a story featured in this new anthology.  I am truly astounded by the caliber of writing in it, and am so honoured to be there alongside these talented folks.  The anthology was officially released for sale on the 1st of May.  You can buy it on amazon here.

It is a very unusual and delightful anthology, with writing both old and new, snippets of poems and stories in various languages from the Mediterranean region and translations of these into English.  Its a real treasure trove in this way, I have really enjoyed looking at the beauty of the different languages on the pages of the anthology, even if I couldn’t understand them.  It was also lovely to read and see if I could find any words familiar or related to the languages I do know.

I am sharing here a link to the blog of the publisher- The Future Fire.  Over the next few weeks there will be interviews and articles on writers and on the mysteries of the Mediterranean, the monsters and the myths that abound from the varied cultures both ancient and modern.

I will keep this blog updated by sharing new releases, and will be putting up an interview I carried out with a fellow contributor, Hella Grichi.  This will be publish on Friday, and I hope you come check it out.

Futhermore!  Please check out the latest blog on Bad Apple Zine- we are still eagerly calling for submissions- especially from young authors ages 16-21.


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