Born without the Borderline

You tell the truth
you were born this way
born with a gift
and a curse at play

born with a sense
beyond only five
a smouldering intensity
burns you alive

You feel the depths
you love beyond measure
you suffer more too
It’s both pain and pleasure

Born not disordered
just filled with emotion
the illness comes later
you drown in an ocean

A pit of confusion
you don’t understand
why you’re spilling over
while others stay calm

when you watch the news
it breaks you apart
empathy cloaks you
it weighs down your heart

The strength of your feelings
shows on your face
And when its rejected
you flood with disgrace

Shame coats your body
you choke on your tears
They call you dramatic
you shadow your fears

you turn it all inward
control it with pain
you know you are different
you think you’re insane

Just little events 
make your world crumble
you don’t learn to cope
you crawl and you stumble

Riddled with poison
you’re misunderstood
You’d pull out your insides
if only you could

looking for reasons
for being this way
deciding you’re broken
and not meant to stay

None for yourself, 
just compassion for others
You break your own bones
You suffer and suffer

To cut the pain out
you turn to a blade
Make the hurt visible
watch as it fades

It’s never enough
you cannot be free
can’t live out your life
You can’t make them see

You tell the truth
you are now very ill
you cannot move forward
you’re forced to stand still

And here in the stillness
the place out of time
at the edge of all reason
You're bleeding in rhyme


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