Introducing Bad Apple Zine Issue One


So, around two years ago I had an idea of starting up my own online magazine to specialize in dark speculative fiction for the upper end of Young Adult readers.  I wanted to publish stories that are raw and dark and that give voice to those that are often silenced or to issues that are thought taboo by society, particularly when these issues play a part in the lives of so many young adults world wide.  It’s frightening when you are not accepted as who you are and worse when you are actively hated for it.

I wanted to have minority writers and characters, I wanted to embrace dark topics and dark feelings, mental health issues, feminism, gender and sexuality. Now I can finally offer up the first issue of this zine which was made possible by the web-tech and creative know how of Matt Sloan and Sami Clara.  Early into the opening for submissions I brought fellow editor Greg Conway on board and we dived into the process of reading through the many many stories that came in week on week.  I have created all the drawings you see in this issue myself, and I am no great artist so apologies for that!  I hope to bring on board the talents of Hannah McMurray, my younger sister who is an excellent artist and is studying Art at University.

So… without further ado, I link you to Bad Apple Zine Summer 2016.  Please like, comment and share on social media to get this party started.




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