Steampunk Universe Anthology Kickstarter


I come bearing news of a cool new Anthology on the horizon- HERE is a link to the Kickstarter for  Steampunk Universe! You can also click the picture above which is an early cover design by artist James Ng.

It’s a fully diverse anthology which takes the genre beyond Victoriana and into different worlds and Universes. Stories are about and/or written by disabled and anuerotypical authors and characters, immersed in a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

I have a story included that explores what its like to have Borderline Personality Disorder, and it’s the first time I’ve ever had the guts to draw directly from this part of who I am, that along with Major Depressive Disorder has given me an experience of life that I don’t often see reflected back at me in the movies I watch and the stories I read .  It was amazing to be able to explore this while simultaneously creating a planet where an Ancient Egyptian society with the internet and clockwork chariots gets invaded by aliens.

I cannot wait to share this tale with you and to read the other stories featured, many which have been written by award winning authors I am excited to discover.

Steampunk gives us an imaginative platform from which we can fly into infinite possibilities.  Publisher Steven Saus and Editor Sarah Hans have already given us the Reader’s Choice Award winning anthology ‘Steampunk World‘.  Now its time to leap into even more diverse waters, where disability and neurodiversity do not play second fiddle, are not tropes or underdeveloped soundboards and plot devices.

There are lots of goodies for backers including critiques and edits for any writers wanting some help or feedback on their own projects, Steampunk or otherwise.  Please do have a gander at the Kickstarter and if you have friends and followers who might be intrigued by this project, I would be super happy and grateful if you could share it with them.





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