enjoy the walk




Once in the asylum

They read us a poem

We sat around in silence

Expressions made of stone


They read it out aloud

And asked us what it meant

A man was walking on a road

That up ahead was bent


The point it made was simple

We cannot see ahead

All we have is here and now

Enjoy the walk instead


They read it out again

We got the message clear

Stop and smell the roses now

And don’t give in to fear


Three of us were there

Sick and tired and scared

And now there’s only two of us

For one of us is dead


And now I see her face

And fear the road ahead

The unknown bend is perilous

It’s not just in my head

Psych Ward

Three months on the sofa

Spent falling down

Then three weeks a dead tree

Stuck in the ground

Unable to fool them

Unable to eat

Unable to wash

Or get to my feet

I can’t bear to stay

But can’t even leave

Ground down to nothing

A body that breathes

And now I am stuck here

Wondering how long

It will take to recover

To heal and be strong

You battle a dragon

But you cannot win

Your body gets weary

And overly thin

The dragon breaks you

You no longer fight

He prowls round the hospital

Growling all night

He waits while they shield you

And play with your meds

Help you to stand again

Make sure you’re fed

And when you’re released

And you walk outside

The dragon is there

His grin sharp and wide

How long will you last

The battle begins

How long will you live

Because you cannot win

Wherever I Go

Wherever I go
I go alone
Even the brittle crack of my heartbeat
Belongs to a girl I left behind
The feet that I go on
Leave footprints to the past
And the road stretches empty ahead
Wherever I go
I bring the blade of a thin smile
That severs all connections
The downward glance of eyelid- curtains say the scene is done
There’s nothing but an empty stage behind this front
Wherever I go