Reason with Madness

You cannot help me

Nobody can

Holding me up

Will not make me stand

Inflating my lungs

Does not mean I’m breathing 

Covering my wounds

Does not stop them bleeding

I tell such lies

Say I am bending 

I snapped long ago

But say I am mending

The urge to please

Is one of my curses

Playing the part

To doctors and nurses

Making them feel

That I’m their success

When truly inside

I am a mess

I know my Illness

Know what they’ll say

I understand

What made me this way

But no matter my mind

I can’t change my feelings

The gatekeepers guarding

My chance at healing

I cannot reason

Not with the voice

She is emotion 

She isn’t a choice 

She isn’t objective

Nor can she listen

She isn’t whole

There are parts of her missing


enjoy the walk




Once in the asylum

They read us a poem

We sat around in silence

Expressions made of stone


They read it out aloud

And asked us what it meant

A man was walking on a road

That up ahead was bent


The point it made was simple

We cannot see ahead

All we have is here and now

Enjoy the walk instead


They read it out again

We got the message clear

Stop and smell the roses now

And don’t give in to fear


Three of us were there

Sick and tired and scared

And now there’s only two of us

For one of us is dead


And now I see her face

And fear the road ahead

The unknown bend is perilous

It’s not just in my head

Steampunk Universe Anthology Kickstarter


I come bearing news of a cool new Anthology on the horizon- HERE is a link to the Kickstarter for  Steampunk Universe! You can also click the picture above which is an early cover design by artist James Ng.

It’s a fully diverse anthology which takes the genre beyond Victoriana and into different worlds and Universes. Stories are about and/or written by disabled and anuerotypical authors and characters, immersed in a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

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